About Us

We provide security services that guarantee you the peace of mind you want.

Our Vision

To be a leading security service provider and the most respected company in Kenya and across the borders.

Our Mission

To offer a full spectrum of unmatched security services, ranging from guards and dog patrols to sophisticated electronic security by using latest and available resources in the country.

Makini Security Services is one of Kenya’s leading security companies, with services and superior expertise that span all types of security protection. Makini understands the role of human security as an essential foundation to achieve development goals, economic growth, the millennium development goals (MDGs), poverty and to eventually help realize the various potentials and possibilities of people. By establishing highly efficient lines of communication and investing in leading edge technology, Makini has also developed the most responsive customer service programs in the industry. Makini Security Services is a Limited Company legally registered under the Companies Act in Kenya.

Makini Security Services is dedicated to understanding and meeting our clients’ precise requirements and fulfilling these with a cost effective inter fusion of service, efficiency and reliability coupled to appropriate implementation of technology based security solutions. Human resources are the cornerstone of any security service and in this respect Makini Security Services leads the way with the regions finest security training school. This resource services the regional training requirement of the Group through monitoring and curriculum development for our guards.

Making Your Life Safer

We provide customized security solutions to help protect you, your family and property.
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